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Josh Koop

Hey Everyone! I hope that the short article you read today has taken you from a place of frustration to a place of excited anticipation for your visitors! Please let me know of anything you need for Acabado that can help you achieve your goals!

18 thoughts on “Change Your Logo Width and Height

    1. Whenever you make theme changes this will always revert when you choose to update. I am working on a child theme to hold these values over updates

  1. Hi Josh,

    1. What plug-in are you using to add Share buttons at the end of your post, Monarch?

    2. I can’t get my homepage logo to show proper size. I did your suggestion above but I think the latest update undid it. I”m going to try it again.

    1. For sharing I use:

      As to logo size once you make the change to allow the logo to be unploaded into place you will be fine unless you update and then wish to change it again as each update replaces the changes you make on a theme edit.

    1. Correct as to getting to the acf file to make the changes within Bluehost. If you have multiple domains it will have an additional subfloder for that domain.

    1. After you do this, then you can upload any size but you need to then do custom CSS to apply your sizing to it as it will try to fit it in the box area.
      Add the following (but change the width to your image width, and same for height)

      .site-branding img {
      height: 240px;
      width: 480px;
      max-width: 100%;

  2. Hi @Josh Koop,
    You helped me a while back on this logo size subject and I was successful however my banner/masthead is blurry unless I press Ctrl + a few times to zoom in where it clears up then I can return to normal view with Ctrl – and the image remains clear. I don’t see a way to paste a screen shot here but you should be able to see the issue at Do you have any advise for this?


  3. Is There a way to make the mobile one be not as large? Using this tweak made the mobile logo cover the menu icon as well as the search button.

    1. Yes you can through media queries, but those will depend a lot on the image size. I will look to post how to manage that tonight and that way you can adjust per device size.

  4. This great again Josh. If you notice by not adding a logo the logo area defaults to site Title from:
    Settings – General – Site Title.

    What I would like to do is eliminate the default underlining and change the font to old english like on the site Miami Herald dot com. Actually that’s what I want the logo to look like.

    Any suggestions for that. No image upload needed.

  5. So just confirmingthat the max width, even after we follow your steps still won’t be more than 480px?
    My logo looks tiny compared to the Hero image (despite on max settings).

    Confirmation/advice would be great.

    1. You can change the width value from 480 to whatever size you need? The logo space itself isn’t big enough to match the hero image size so I would highly suggest avoiding a logo that is that wide. As with all custom CSS you will need to adjust it as it is very image dependent as to the best settings.

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