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Enable High-Resolution Images On Acabado Frontpage (Easy Way)

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If like myself you don’t like the version of images you see on your front page you may have been changing the theme files from ‘medium’ to ‘medium-large’. The problem with this method is it has to be redone each time you update the theme and like recently where we went through fast updates you may have to do this multiple times.

Instead, this change will take a few minutes and a plugin to regenerate the thumbnails on your site to update them to the new resolution. After this regeneration is done you can then uninstall the regenerate thumbnails plugin as WordPress provides this function when the images are uploaded, you will more than likely have uploaded hundreds of images that will need this.

An Example Before And After



Reconfiguring Medium Images In WordPress

What we want to do is fix the default setting for “medium” images which the theme is using to decide on your image quality. By default, this setting is incredibly low resolution when we are already doing everything needed to make small file size you want to rock all the quality you can get.

Modify The Resolution

  1. Open [ Settings ]
  2. Open [ Media ]
  3. Locate [ Medium size ]
  4. Change The 2 Values:
    • Max Width: 1024
    • Max Height: 768
  5. Click [ Save Changes ]
Media Settings

Regenerate Thumbnails At New Size

Once you make the changes to your image sizes WordPress will fix any new uploads based on this resolution choice. Unfortunately, if you have existing images on your site it doesn’t correct older versions.

NOTE: if you are a new site and havent yet uploaded images you can skip this step.

  1. Download [ reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced ] By Shortpixel
  2. Active Plugin
  3. Go To [ Tools ]
  4. Go To [ Regenerate Thumbnails ]
  5. Under [ Settings ] locate [ Medium ]
  6. Uncheck the [ Keep Existing ] Setting
  7. Click [ Save Settings ]
  8. Click Button [ Regenerate ] On Left

Be patient as this is free but it can take some time depending on the number of images you have on your site. Don’t change the page until it reaches 100% complete.


Now that we have completed these steps you will have images that should always look very good on your homepage without looking grainy. This won’t need to be completed every time the theme update occurs which means you can stay focused on the content.

Leave me a comment and share this if you find it helpful as many people with Acabado complain about the resolution and this is a quick and easy resolution to this problem!

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  1. Awesome hack once again Josh! Most of your tweaks are worth considering doing – this one in particular is priceless!!

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