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Essential Acabado Plugins For A Fast and Efficient Site

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Since I have launched this site I haven’t actually listed out the plugins I most frequently use on every Acabado website I run. When I published a recent YouTube video a comment asked what I would choose as the plugins I run with Acabado for performance and to fill real needs.

My Essential Acabado Plugins:

Now many of you may be panicking about the number of plugins running on the site due to the information you have heard online. While this can be true poorly coded plugins CAN cause slowness on a site, what you will notice out of my list above is that most are backend plugins and not user-facing so they don’t add to load times.

In addition, plugins that are paid are coded immensely better than their free alternatives in almost all cases, they don’t want you to leave for a free plugin. This is why the front end plugins I run are almost all exclusively paid-for plugins, I typically will pay to ensure the site runs at a high speed all the time.

My Choices For The Top Plugins For Acabado

This list is a solid set of ten plugins that will cover a vast majority of your needs on a website while maintaining very high Pagespeed Insights scores. I try to maintain this site at 85+ and hope to run in the 95-99 range at most times which includes all these plugins.

WP Rocket

There is a great many plugins available to help cache your website, the reason I choose WP Rocket is that it has an amazingly simple and fast to configure interface while also providing top tier results versus far more expensive options.

Additionally, there are solid options within the WP Rocket software to set up critical CSS and the initial load CSS and files to allow for super-fast page loading. Also, add in the lazy loading built-in and you have a plugin that can yield top results on Bluehost on shared servers.

Redirections by RankMath

One thing that I always have issues with is managing redirections should I rename a post or page. This is where this plugin is totally amazing as you can enable the option to automatically create a redirection when you make a change.

Then if you ever want to remove the plugin it can help you generate a set of text to add the redirections into your .htaccess file.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Everyone who installs Acabado will get this option as part of the plugins which can be added to your site. While there are a great many free options through websites, nothing will match the automation that this has to help you get your images uploaded and move on.

Scriptless Social Sharing

I have posted this numerous times, including on the blog and many times on the P24 forums. It has basically zero weight and has no impact on PageSpeed Insights scores while allowing sharing to all the most popular social networks.

It is even at the bottom of this post and every other post on my site

Borlabs Cookie Plugin

As more and more countries and states, talking about you California, require disclosures out of all the plugins I have found this one is the most simple and straight forward to set up and have be active. I would also add in here that high-quality plugins cost money, this saves me a lot of time in trying to manage this manually with free plugins.

Fluent Forms

There is a great many forms plugins available that are free and paid, I chose and continue to use Fluent forms for the ease of setup and construction of forms and the ability to integrate and send on to many different email systems which they continue to add to as they add features.

Those that have used Contact Form 7 know that while easy to use to make it look good takes an obsessive amount of time and custom CSS work. I choose my time over free as frequently free costs me a lot more.


There are 30+ template forms available without the need to create your own form outright, I would suggest this as it has one of, if not the smallest, footprint to load itself of any contact form.

Code Snippets

As almost anyone on this site and on the P24 forums can tell you I very much love code snippets, they grant some amazing chances to rewrite or add-in functionality without manually editing a theme file.

This is how I do add on functionality like Jquery, WooCommerce, and many more upcoming projects like reading time and related posts in place of recent posts.


Many people will fight to get code added to their header for things like site verification for Pinterest, Bing, Google and other validation requiring websites. Additionally, this is a very easy way to add on the Google Tag Manager scripts, Google Adsense code, Amazon OneLink, and Amazon Popover codes.

I prefer using HFCM as I can choose to label them so I can later know what each script does along with the ability to have them not load on specific posts or pages that you want.

Advanced Ads

This plugin by Thomas Maier is one of the most solid options available online, the plugin has a free option but within the pro version, you have the ability to lazy load ads that can help launch your PageSpeed scores without having to pay for things like Ezoic speed plugin.

This plugin is the one I have prepared for when I can get this site approved for Ezoic so that I can build a template for how to maximize Acabado performance while running Ads which everyone says will lower your PageSpeed by 30+ points.

Asset Cleanup

One of the most popular videos on the YouTube channel I have is on using Asset Cleanup to help load pages and posts faster by not loading plugins on the page that aren’t required. Elementor and DIVI are huge back-end loads even when not used on a page or post, this causes slowness for your Pagespeed Insight scores!


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Final Thoughts

I chose these specifically due to the advantages they will provide a website over the other options which may be free but will take much more time and have much less support.

When you are managing a business you will have expenses and the above plugins which have a cost are constantly updated and won’t have security holes like their competition who are free. You get what you pay for.

You are anticipating that your website will make you money, in expecting this you will want to maximize the chances for this to create your money.

Did I miss anything? Please leave me comments as I love to hear from you all as it helps keep me legit and helpful! Some links above are affiliate links which do help me but don’t influence my listing of them.

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About Josh Koop

Hey Everyone! I hope that the short article you read today has taken you from a place of frustration to a place of excited anticipation for your visitors! Please let me know of anything you need for Acabado that can help you achieve your goals!

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Josh Koop

Hey Everyone! I hope that the short article you read today has taken you from a place of frustration to a place of excited anticipation for your visitors! Please let me know of anything you need for Acabado that can help you achieve your goals!

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