Additional Resources

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Social Media Icons

How do I add or remove social media icons at the bottom of my posts? Social Media Icons can be added by going to Acabado Settings > Social Media in your WordPress Dashboard. To add an icon select it from the dropdown. To remove click the small x listed to the left of the icon….

Slower Speed with Plugin

I added just one plugin and the site speed plummeted to seventy something! Is there a recommended plugin to have better looking tables than the default one?  Any page builder or table building plugin is going to slow down the speed of your site, particularly pages with the custom builds. The page has to load…

Deletion Failed Error Message

I received this error message when trying to delete plug-ins from my site: High-five for clearing out unnecessary plugins! If you’ve encountered this error message, don’t give up. Instead, check the following: 1: De-activate First You cannot delete a plug-in or theme while it is active. Make sure you de-activate the plugin and then try…

Anti-Bounce Protection

Acabado has a bounce protection feature built into the theme. It is intended to catch a first-time visitor before they leave the site after reading one article and try to get them to read more. It appears once for a user and then turns off for about 30 days so as not to annoy someone…