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AcabadoTheme.Com Officially Migrated Onto Child Theme V0.2

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As of August 25, 2019 has migrated into a child theme version of Acabado to build and fully vet out the child theme aspects as the theme grows in popularity.

Acabado Child Theme V0.2

Currently Enabled On the Child Theme:

  • Contextual Related Posts (Tags Then By Category)
  • Breadcrumbs (Page and Post)
  • High-Resolution Images
    • Recent Blog Posts
    • About Us
    • Hero Image
    • Homepage Tiles
  • Reading Time Per Post
  • Align Footer Menu
  • Widget Sidebar (Currently Calendar Plugin)

In Progress To Add To The Child Theme:

  • Customizer Functionality
  • Scroll To Top
  • Header Image Limit Removal
  • Hamburger On Mobile
  • Full Menu on Desktop

Deciding On Whether To Include:

  • JQuery

What functionality would you like by default on installed versions?

  • Breadcrumbs? – Yes/No
  • JQuery?
  • Image Borders? – Yes/No
  • Acabado Main Menu Always Open – Yes/No
  • Remove Hamburger Display on Desktop View – Yes/No

I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts and I am going to build a version in parallel which can be uploaded and ran to ensure all the best extras are built-in without effort for recoding each time.

Plugin Information

These will be added to the suggested plugins which run well and accelerate your performance or add to your ability to customize without adding any significant load.

  • WP Rocket Lazy Load (Free)
  • Code Snippets (Free)
  • HFCM (Free)

What else am I missing that would be uber helpful?

About Josh Koop

Hey Everyone! I hope that the short article you read today has taken you from a place of frustration to a place of excited anticipation for your visitors! Please let me know of anything you need for Acabado that can help you achieve your goals!

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Josh Koop

Hey Everyone! I hope that the short article you read today has taken you from a place of frustration to a place of excited anticipation for your visitors! Please let me know of anything you need for Acabado that can help you achieve your goals!

15 thoughts on “AcabadoTheme.Com Officially Migrated Onto Child Theme V0.2

  1. Hi Josh,

    I love the site, it’s been very useful in helping me customise my site as my CSS knowledge is very limited.

    One thing I would like to see included in the theme is the option to show the social sharing buttons, that are present at the bottom of the product review page on normal posts.

    To keep in the spirit of the fairly minimal theme it is a bit irritating that I need to install a plugin to add social sharing when it seems that the function is already included in the theme but there isn’t a way to display it on posts.

  2. Is there a way to change the color of the labeled dividers (currently, white text on black background)? For example, the “About Me, Myself, and I” in the sidebar. I’d like to use blue background on my site.

    1. Have you tried to modify the colors within Acabado Settings / Colors?

      If not go through those options first and find anything that isn’t colored after your changes and I can help fill in those others

  3. Thanks for sharing all your hard work, really appreciated.

    I installed in my website and worked straight away without any speed issue (I was slightly concerned regarding the HD functionality as I thought it may slow down the website. I do not know how you did it still keep the website at high speed with way better images, thanks!)


  4. Just a quick question.

    In each of my post, I have straight away after the title, a photo with a label on it and after the normal text of the post.

    In the blog home page, I see the classic column of photos of each post with, on the right side, the first sentences of the post. However, the theme is taking, as sentences of each post to show in the home, the label of the figure at the top of each post (after the title). Ideally, I would like to be shown in the home page the first sentences of the block text rather than the label of the top figure in the blog post. Any idea how to solve the problem (I do not want to move the top figure in the blog post after the block text if possible).


    1. Do you fill in the Excerpt on the post in the right sidebar where you set a featured post? Thats where you would have that replacement text be pulled from and if you havent entered anything in that area it will default in all themes to content.

      If you do have it there then they pull content by default and it is a 1 minute fix to change to excrept instead.

      1. Hi!
        Yes, I just downloaded your child theme and put it straight away in the theme folders. Everything is working fine, just that detail I mentioned above.

        I did not know the existence of the Excerpt before. I then copied a few line of text over there from the first paragraph that I want to visualize in the home page. However, still the figure label is the first sentence to appear.

  5. Just checking my theme more now.

    Another thing I notice is that the photo associated to the “related” posts at the end of a post the come with a figure on top and a few word of text. however, the images have the same width (very good) but different hight (and this does not look great). Is there a way to make them look all of the same size (as they look in the home page?). Thanks!

    For more details if you want you can contact me in private, you have my email anyway.


    1. All the images are in a ratio of 3×2 (the best quality is at 1200×800), when images deviate from this magic ratio then parts will have to be chopped off to fit the ratio correctly, normally what you would want to do if your images aren’t in this ratio is to go make the thumbnails yourself and choose the most visible part.

      The images I used were specifically in this same ratio so the theme all flows together, if you are getting different heights then your images aren’t all the same size and is an infinitely difficult issue when this theme locks in images. If you send me your site on the forums in a message I can look if there is something easier for you to do but I’m trying to ensure the child theme stays in lockstep with the theme.

  6. Hey Josh,

    excellent work here on your side.
    I have two questions:

    1. if I install the Child Theme then I don’t have Full-Width pages anymore. At the Full Width, the Sidebar is empty but there
    3. have you ever thought about including a possibility to select the template for Posts and Product Reviews (for example Full Width) in the child?

    best regards

    1. Until they support child themes I have suspended updates to them and have moved to using code snippets to allow people to inject the sections they would like into their sites.

      The only one which should be used is the base, which is only a shell which allows you to build up from there, since they have large code changes to the base theme it is not feasible currently to manage a child theme.

      I have shown in CSS how to push a post to full page and a review would be the same, you can just hide the sidebar and the content then could be pushed over easily based on the post-id. The issue with having them as a selector again is the code would be removed on an update, though could be added to the base child theme to have you create your own page php types. (Closing from the rage option.

      1. Hi Josh, I am a little confused after reading this. I am using your child theme version 1.0.1 – should I no longer be using it?

  7. I made a child theme like I have in other themes in the past by making the two files: functions.php and style.css but get this error: ACF not installed or unavailable
    There has been a critical error on your website.

    Why does this Advanced Custom Fields error show. Why is the child theme not working?
    What should be done from my end? Looked it up but can’t seem to get the child theme to work even though it shows up in my themes area.

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